What Is More Important – Past, Present or Future?


[blockquote sign="Syun Matsuena"]I could face a life or death fight tomorrow, that’s why I live in the present.[/blockquote]

I believe the present time is the most important time of our lives. The actions and events from yesterday are no longer here; and the actions and events from the future haven’t arrived yet, so why do we keep living our lives as if tomorrow will always come?

They’re All Relevant

The past, present and future

Your past actions determines your present self and situation, and your present actions determine your future situation. So to a certain extent, they’re all relevant. However if asked “which actions should I spend most time thinking about?” It has to be the present. Because it’s what shapes you. Especially when there is something in your life that you wish to change and only the actions that you make today can influence your results of tomorrow.

The Big, Bad, Unknown

One of the concepts that scares the modern human is the idea of being unaware of what is going to happen next. Because we’re so used to following trends, science, research and predicting what will happen next; we become shocked when an anomaly presents itself. And this is what prevents many people from living and functioning as a healthy human being today.

To become your best self means to be able to make your present actions really yours: In other words, you own and believe in them. You realise that every action you make contributes towards your physical and mental make-up; and this is all that is required to become truly happy. Therefore you’ll be living each day as perfectly as possible. Simply put, when you wake up in the morning; you understand and believe that each day has your name written on it.

Treat life as a gift – everyday is your birthday

Prepare for Tomorrow

Verbal bullying doesn’t really affect me unless I let it manifest inside of me and allow it to take over. Similarly, every event that happened in the past no longer exists unless I give consent to allow those thoughts to re-emerge, whether good or bad. That said, if you’ve given today your best shot, then you don’t need to worry about tomorrow.

[blockquote sign="David Johnson Oragui"]Tomorrow will take care of itself because your actions from today have prepared you for tomorrow’s challenges, regardless of what they may be.[/blockquote]

Still Plan Ahead Though

This may sound contradictory but it’s not at all. I’m a huge advocate of getting a book/notepad and writing down extremely positive thoughts, events and ideas that enter your mind. Regardless of the stimulus. Activities that you wish to do in the future, experiences, dreams and passions; write them all down. Once you have a plan firmly rooted in your mind, you probably won’t even need to think about it again. Your goals may be about the future; but you’ll be living life for today.

There is no need to worry about tomorrow’s challenges when you are yet to overcome the ones from today.

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