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The Perfect Recipe For Happiness

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The Perfect Recipe for Happiness – Eliminate Accreditation, Grades, Money and Rank

The perfect recipe for happiness and peace stems from one’s ability to eliminate the concepts of accreditation, grades, money and rank from their life, and to destroy the beliefs which accentuate the idea that they are a prerequisite for success.

In addition to this, we need to make it our personal mission each day to do activities that are pleasurable, engaging and meaningful as described in the happiness equation.

Why Is This The Perfect Recipe For Happiness?

I believe this is the perfect recipe for happiness because from my experience I have noticed that the less I have, the more I appreciate. Many people make the incorrect assumption (imo), that in order to live a happier life, we need to add ‘things’ to our lives. This may be true to a certain extent, however I feel we would be at much more peace with ourselves if we take ‘things’ away instead.

  • The Television (Traditional News)
  • Social Networks (Unproductive Life-draining ones)
  • Negative Friendship Groups
  • The Overtly Unsupportive Girl/Boyfriend
  • Fitness Magazines (Filled with negative motivation)

What I mean is to remove all negative channels that feeds our 5 senses with information, and to begin behaving akin to that of a semi-permeable cell membrane – selectively allowing certain forms of media, entertainment and people to enter your life.

[h3_focus_heading]The More We Know – The Less We Understand[/h3_focus_heading]

I came up with this idea/recipe for happiness roughly 2 years after college. My life wasn’t in the best of places at the time and I was wondering why. Such a strange would we live in, the more we know, the less we understand. I could never quite understand that concept, it came across to me as quite illogical until I remembered the bare essence of my childhood.

I had less responsibilities back then, sure. But I also had less ‘things’, less people and less resources however I was far happier at 9 years old than at 19 years old and I wanted to reverse that.

So I started by eliminating the ideas and previously held beliefs that were limiting my potential. And it all started by reading two books: ‘The Law of Success’ by Napoleon Hill, and ‘How To Become A Complete An Utter Failure at Life, Work and Everything‘ by Steve McDermott.

Doing so taught me how to appreciate my life and the time I had, so I could utilise them to create a service of value, one that could inspire and change the lives of many people, which I believe is the embodiment of the art of living.

Greater Expectations To Succeed In All Walks of Life

People are expected, by their friends, family and society at large to succeed exponentially at every face of their lives.

If you’re male, you’re pressured to be an amazing father, pressured to get the highest of grades for fear of living on the streets, have to be a socialite to get noticed, you need to have the latest gadgets to prove you’re ‘part of the crowd’ and ‘in the know’. You must be excellent at talking to women, whilst having a very good job in order to survive. You need to look, act, talk, dress and smell a certain way otherwise you won’t achieve X, Y and Z. because this is what it means to be a ‘real man’.

However, it’s all just noise – noise pollution restricting our view of the world and what really matters in life.

There is too much conflicting information out there that has led to a generation of lost souls who don’t know how to be individuals, for fear of being ostracised by the cliques we don’t care about also touted as a ‘friendship group’.

That’s why here at the Journey Towards A Balanced Life Portal, we intend to remove all of that, and to instead instil beliefs that will benefit individuals and help them live lives worth living.

Self-Imposed Components

Are the components discussed above imposed by society in order to limit us?

No. They’re components intended to push-us, only at the expense of our mental health. However, they are also self-imposed concepts which limit us, purely because of the way we interpret them.

What does accreditation, grades, money and rank all have in common? It’s a word starting with ‘S’ and ends with ‘s’.


How we have been taught to interpret success is an even bigger problem. The belief that only those who achieve accolades, high grades, exorbitant amounts of money or a better job are successful….thinking in this way is recipe for everlasting depression, whilst the reverse is the perfect recipe for happiness.

Do you agree that the way we interpret particular concepts and ideas influences how happy we are on a daily basis What do you think is the perfect recipe for everlasting happiness? Let us know your thoughts below.

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